DIY Wool Felt Stockings

December 20, 2011

Post Update 12/3/17: well it's been six years with these stockings and I still love them! I never ended up embroidering our names, but with a little hot glue gun action I added our initials in red felt. Have you made these? I'd love to hear about your experience! xoxo

Growing up, stockings always trumped Christmas presents.

My Mom hand-stitched us stockings and filled them with absolute treasures - and I am hardcore obsessed with continuing this tradition. I still have my childhood stocking (I'll never let go, never let go) but Matthew was in need of one, so I decided to make a new pair for the two of us this year.

I was going to attempt felting old wool sweaters, but never got my act together. So off to the fabric store I went! I'm 100% over anything resembling burlap-vintage-lace-old lady-quilt-ish-ness, and wanted a fresh, modern twist on the classic stocking. I found a great felt - a wool blend that has a good weight and great coloring. You can bust these out in an afternoon - definitely by Christmas Eve!

What you'll need to make 2 stockings:

3/4 Yard* Gray Wool Felt
1/4 Yard each of Accent Colors (My light green looks Army green in the pictures, but it's more yellow green in person)

*The rolls of felt were 32" wide, and when folded over you'll have enough felt for 2 stockings, plus extra. 

 Step 1: Fold gray felt in half, so that it measures 18" wide. Cut stocking shape into gray felt. I eyeballed it and truth be told, they look a little wonky. In don't care. Personality, right? If you're a perfectionist, find a stencil online.

Step 2: Cut out leaves, embellishments, etc. and place on stocking.

Step 3: Using a hot glue gun, lightly glue the felt accents on front of stocking. (Honestly, I went back and forth about using a hot glue gun. My mom was all about using one needle and thread to make our stockings...but since I was going to hand-stitch the edges, I figured I'd take the shortcut here. For all of you crafty people out there, I ask for your forgiveness. )

Step 3.5: At this point, if you want to add a name, now is the time! I was going to stitch MR and JR into our stockings, but then...I was tired. Maybe next year. You can stitch the names in, use an iron-on patch of sorts, or use another preferred medium.

Step 4: Using the embroidery needle and metallic thread, stitch the edges closed.

Step 5: Cut a small strip of red felt and sew into a loop at top of stocking.

True, there are stockings out there that look way more normal/cool/put together/etc., but I really like these. Heck, if I can rustle up some cute stockings a few days before Christmas - you can too! Best of luck. :)

Merry Christmas! xoxo

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  1. Yay! This looks easy enough for even me to try. We leave for north cal in a day so unfortunately it has to wait until I get back but I want to get one (actually TWO!) made and packed up for next year.