Happy October!

October 1, 2010
an autumn afternoon of plucking pears and plums
I've always been a rainy, cloudy, cold, wintery sort of gal. I grew up with gorgeous seasons, but after living in Santa Barbara for five years I sort of forgot what real seasons felt like. I remember calling home during December to check on the snow fall - while studying for finals on sunny Butterfly Beach. It was bizarre. And so, so wrong.

Hence my utter celebration of fall in Spokane - the already crisp mornings that demand scarves and warm drinks, the blazing colorful trees, the smell of fireplaces all around town getting ready for the snowy season, the pumpkins, squash, and winter crops, and of course the steady marching of Christmastime, coming ever closer...

May your October be filled with steaming pumpkin lattes, falling leaves, woolly scarves, crisp mornings, one-needle costumes, and that far off distant sound of christmas carols.


  1. You just cheered up my day. I love Fall! I wish it would cool off here in Sacramento... but you just reminded me that it will soon :)

  2. Happy October to you too! I grew up in CA and never even knew what seasons were until I moved here. Now, I wouldn't have it any other way. xo