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Make (Creative) Space

Jan 7, 2018

Last summer, I was racing to a meeting downtown when I saw this armoire on the side of the road. A woman had just finished having a garage sale, and this beauty hadn’t sold so she dragged it out to the curb. I was probably 6 months pregnant at the time, and I remember quickly pulling over, rolling down my window and asking if I could have it. The woman was relieved to be rid of it, and I was thrilled to take it on. It had some loose planks of wood, was missing a few bottom pieces, and needed a good cleaning, but to me – it was golden. 

(I should pause to say that this is one of my superpowers – finding treasures on the side of the road. And if you’re thinking it’s because I live in Santa Barbara, that’s not it, I promise. I’ve found great things in multiple cities and states – it’s like I’m destined to find these things. Fun story: when we first moved to Santa Barbara I furnished our new place almost exclusively with free furnishings from Craigslist/the side of the road. But that’s for another post – just know that if you’re looking for something, tell me and I’ll probably find it curbside.)

So this armoire, up until a week ago, was filled with my husband’s extensive sheet music collection. Being a pianist/organist/musical instrument collector, let’s just say he has a lot. 

But after Christmas, Matthew offered to move his sheet music so that I could finally have a space for all of the artistic/creative projects and materials. THIS HAS BEEN A GAME CHANGER. When the things you are passionate about are within reach, you will do them more. I promise!

Doing things you love = a happier life. 

Let’s have 2018 be the year of creating time and space to honor our creative callings, whatever they may be!




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