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January, the Longest Year Ever

Feb 7, 2018

A few weeks ago when I got my haircut, I came home and asked Matthew to take a picture of me. I wanted proof/a reminder (mostly for myself) that even in these long days of no sleep + infant care that I could still resemble a real woman. (If you have been, or are currently in this baby phase, you know that this is a real thing.) I looked at the camera, smiled, and tried to channel the posing cues that I usually relay to clients.

Then Matthew made some sort of comment about how crazy life had been – how January had felt long and hard and never-ending – and I sort of sigh-laughed with a mixture of exasperation, exhaustion, and amusement.

He snapped the photo.

Unless you know the context, this picture could have been taken when I was relaxed, rocking out to some music, with a drink in hand and cheese board nearby. And thus was born the perfect Facebook profile picture!

But seriously though – did January feel like the longest year ever for anyone else?

Call it whatever you want – new year madness, eclipse-induced chaos, recovering from the Christmas Cookie Diet – but for us this past month has been filled to the brim with some pretty serious stuff. Big reality checks, new jobs, new kid phases, new relationship phases, new therapy, new school – January did not hold back. It’s not that everything was bad – far from it – but there was a lot.

We had our first Roy Joy Brunch Book Club event here in Santa Barbara last weekend, and it was awesome! I’m behind on sharing our discussion notes, but look for that this week. If you read the book at home and/or made any of the brunch recipes I sent out, I would LOVE to hear from you!

How was your January?



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