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Brunch Book Club: The Gifts of Imperfection + Big Magic!

Feb 13, 2018

First off – yes, I realize it’s basically mid-February. I apologize. Currently all four in our household are hunkered down with this flu that is determined to ruin people’s lives…and to-do lists are getting neglected, big time.

I’m excited to hear about what you thought of The Gifts of Imperfection! We had a lovely group here in my home, and I really enjoyed hearing how each woman approached the book differently. Some had been squarely in the “no self-help books” camp, some had never heard of Brene Brown, some loved her research (me too!).

As we were all creative-types by profession, we talked about being creatively authentic, how we deal with the comparison trap, and how cultivating an attitude of abundance vs. scarcity can be a real game changer. We talked about Brene’s definition of shame, how we had experienced negative self talk/shame talk ourselves, and what it meant to live whole heartedly as imperfect people. I had planned to walk through a list of questions, but when it came to it, our conversation seemed to flow on it’s own…and was awesome!

We ended our time talking a bit about our book for this month – Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear! This has been on my to-read list since it came out, and I’m so excited to read it with you all!

A bit about the book:

With profound empathy and radiant generosity, Gilbert offers potent insights into the mysterious nature of inspiration. She asks us to embrace our curiosity and let go of needless suffering. She shows us how to tackle what we most love, and how to face down what we most fear. She discusses the attitudes, approaches, and habits we need in order to live our most creative lives. Balancing between soulful spirituality and cheerful pragmatism, Gilbert encourages us to uncover the “strange jewels” that are hidden within each of us. Whether we are looking to write a book, make art, find new ways to address challenges in our work, embark on a dream long deferred, or simply infuse our everyday lives with more mindfulness and passion, Big Magic cracks open a world of wonder and joy.

I can’t wait! (Pro-tip: I’ve heard this is awesome in audio book form!)
So – let me know if you want to join us, either in person or online! Normally book club is the first weekend of the month, but with my lateness and an already short month, March’s book club will be the second Saturday – March 10th.

Like last month, I’ll send out some discussion questions and brunch menu to all the online attendees. We may have a spot or two open for the gathering in my home, so let me know ASAP if you want in! Either way, reach out over on the contact page and confirm your spot!

Stay well, friends. xoxo



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