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The Wishing Trees

Feb 16, 2018

There are two Wishing Trees in the beautiful Arlington Gardens in Pasadena, California. On their branches are handwritten wishes, some dating back almost 10 years, some written just that day. When we came upon it on our visit there over Christmas break, I was mesmerized, reading the heartfelt desires of people from all over the world.

A wish for Love. Peace. A cure. A friend. A solution.

Some were scrawled on binder paper, some on heavy cardstock, some on post-it notes. I was so moved, and it felt like I was taking part of an intimate, connecting ritual walking in that space.

Today I’ve read countless Instagram posts, tweets, Facebook posts, emails, texts – all with the same heartbreaking sentiment: we want things to be different, we feel helpless, we feel heartbroken.

I, like most everyone, feel at a loss when confronted with the reality of another mass murder event.

I don’t have any smart or clever contributions to make to the debates about what needs to happen to end this – I just feel heartbroken and panicked when I think about sending my kids to school. Or really, just leaving the house sometimes. How will I ever explain to Penelope and Felix that this is a real thing?

I am sending love, light, and strength to all who are impacted by this horrific event and I’m going to do whatever I can to be part of the solution. I encourage you to do the same. <3



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