For you, Felix

September 21, 2018

Dear Felix,

Right now your favorite game is to crawl as fast as you can towards the refrigerator, open the door (no small feat), and climb inside. "Felix..." When you hear my voice, you turn around with that big toothy grin and laugh so hard, you temporarily stall out on your belly, catch your breath, and then speed-crawl towards the fridge. You could probably play this game all day. 

I am so in love with you, my Felix. If you can believe it (I can't really), on some levels I was a little uneasy about having a boy...and now I shake my head at pre-Felix me and laugh at how ridiculous I was.

You are such a tender, sparkling, curious boy. I love how you are quick to laugh, how you are sensitive to those around you, how you feel most at home out in nature (preferably knee-deep in sand, dirt, water, or just a good ol' stretch of grass), and how you truly love, love, love your big sister. 

When you flipped breech at 37 weeks, I was worried it was because you were distressed. Now, getting to know you more, I am convinced that your big somersault was actually you curiously exploring your world, just like you do now. You are mischievous and fun; your laugh is medicinal; your soft cheeks are perfection. 

Happy first birthday, my sweet boy. I'm thankful for you every single day. 


(You can read all about Felix's arrival here.)

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