The Wishing Trees

Feb 16, 2018

There are two Wishing Trees in the beautiful Arlington Gardens in Pasadena, California. On their branches are handwritten wishes, some dating back almost 10 years, some written just that day. When we came upon it on our visit there over Christmas break, I was mesmerized, reading the heartfelt desires of people from all over the […]

First off – yes, I realize it’s basically mid-February. I apologize. Currently all four in our household are hunkered down with this flu that is determined to ruin people’s lives…and to-do lists are getting neglected, big time. I’m excited to hear about what you thought of The Gifts of Imperfection! We had a lovely group […]

A few weeks ago when I got my haircut, I came home and asked Matthew to take a picture of me. I wanted proof/a reminder (mostly for myself) that even in these long days of no sleep + infant care that I could still resemble a real woman. (If you have been, or are currently in […]