2018 Mantra

January 1, 2018

....and not just when life is good. 

This is especially true when life does NOT feel good. Three days into the new year and I'm steeped in major creative inspiration, goal setting, and celebrated day 3 of 2018 by falling HARD and busting both of my knees. Right now I'm sitting on the couch, immobilized by huge ice packs and feeling determined to not let my momentary slowdown wreck my plans and diminish my bright ideas.

Channeling Brené Brown this morning and refusing to feel shame in slowing down, not going to the gym, ordering takeout, and leaning hard on my husband.

We will experience challenges, hardships, adversity, and crappy days. We will fail, fall hard (literally and figuratively), and get off track. For me, this happened on day 3 of my fantastic, magical new year. But now it's about how I will choose to feel (no shame, no panic, but gratitude and focus) and icing my busted knees. (Hobbling) Onward!
Do you select a word or quote to guide you each new year? Please share! Let's get this inspiration train going. xoxo

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