She Fell Together

November 25, 2017

My husband's therapist calls it "falling together."

When you feel like your life is in shambles, or your positive energy is dwindling, or you feel like you've irreversibly screwed up and you're definitely a permanent failure, or you're moving through a particularly hefty challenge - like you're completely falling apart - the therapist says that this is, in fact, falling together.

The first time Matthew shared this concept with me I immediately liked it. Maybe it's because I'm inherently a positive person, but the thought that my challenges and perceived failures could be seen as evidence of my falling together - of me evolving, becoming a truer form of myself, moving forward - I really liked that.

.   .   .   .   .

When you do things 
from your soul,
you feel a river moving, 
in you, 
a joy

- Rumi 

.   .   .   .   .

I've had this blog for a long time. I started writing in my early twenties in an attempt to share life with family and friends. It's had many iterations, many designs, even more redesigns, lots of pictures, and a fair bit of over-sharing.

A few weeks ago I was overcome with the desire to scrap Roy Joy and start a new blog. I felt different, I wanted a fresh start...I felt like coming back to this space was like going back to the old me. A person that was foreign to me in a lot of ways. Who is that woman, looking so well rested and actually finishing cups of hot coffee? 

In a way, the act of starting over and leaving Roy Joy behind felt like an appropriate way to honor all the falling together I've done over that last few years. I have been a student of setting boundaries, listening to my intuition, and being keenly reminded that I am, in fact, an adult. (And in charge? That still surprises me sometimes.) I have grown into a new phase of motherhood, now with two little people who remind me everyday that life is precious and fleeting and utterly exhausting and awesome.

But I came to the conclusion that's all me.

Old me, meet new me. 

I'm excited to come back to this space - it's a homecoming that feels especially meaningful to me right now.

Looking forward!


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