Hello New Year!

January 7, 2016

Over the course of the past seven months I have started and abandoned 5 blog posts. Each of them similar in their content..."wow, it's been awhile" or "life is so full!" or "Penny is doing this new thing and it's amazing!" 

(On a related note, I'm sending out our Christmas Cards today! Yep. That's me.) 

Hello, blog. Hello, friends. It has been awhile! And life is so full! And Penny just started crawling! 

New year, new life. That's really how it feels. I am a new person, and my life would be unrecognizable to last January Jessica. What hits me first is the gratitude for where the past year has taken us - welcoming Penelope; first weird, then good career changes; new friends and new family - it has been a whirlwind of change. 

Penelope is a joy. She has changed us with her spirit, her voice, her sideways glances, her laugh - she is a marvel. And she just started crawling! (And consequently realized that our home is apparently a death trap. Baby proofing in progress.) I have never been more simultaneously challenged and filled with love in my life. 

Matthew and I are navigating what it means to parent together, something that has been a huge blessing. He is such an incredible father, I wish you all could see what I see on a daily basis. Picture lots of music-making, story-reading, joke-telling, tickling and cuddling, and a man who is truly present with his daughter. It is an absolute joy to witness. 

I am hoping to write more this year - at least post some of the thousands of photos I've been taking - but we'll see how it goes. (If you want to see what we're up to, check out my Instagram feed!) 

Wishing you all a brave, beautiful, creative, life-filled 2016!

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