She is a patient gardener, and if you ask her soil how it became so rich, it will tell you how she has always been more willing to listen to what it needs than waiting to speak it into moving at the pace of her understanding. Her silence is terrifying because you know the next […]

The mornings have been misty and cool here in Santa Barbara, but the Farmer’s Market bounty assures us that summer is just a skip away. We found these golden apricots at the market this morning, and I knew a Clafoutis was in our future. It takes 10 minutes to assemble, 40 minutes to bake, and […]

To My Penny, We are sitting on the couch next each other, and the sun coming through the gauzy curtains, bathing us in warm morning light. We are playing. I notice that there is a smudge of avocado behind your ear, left over from a now-routinely gymnastic breakfast experience. As I sit here, I want […]

Hello New Year!

Jan 7, 2016

Over the course of the past seven months I have started and abandoned 5 blog posts. Each of them similar in their content…”wow, it’s been awhile” or “life is so full!” or “Penny is doing this new thing and it’s amazing!”  (On a related note, I’m sending out our Christmas Cards today! Yep. That’s me.)  […]