Waiting | A Note to My Sweet Girl

April 7, 2015

To my sweet girl,

I keep visualizing that moment when you will be placed into my arms. Over and over. It's really the only thing that is getting me through these last days of waiting, waiting, waiting. They say that you'll come when you're ready, but I am so anxious to meet you! I feel like I'm wandering around, trying to fill my time with projects and tasks, but your mama can only organize your sweet little clothes and diapers so many times.

Maybe I'll vacuum again. 

And it's hard to make freezer meals, as everyone has told me I should, because your mama is always hungry...and just wants to eat everything before it hits the freezer. Yeah.

Are you comfortable in there? It seems to me like you've reached capacity, but they tell me that my body won't grow a baby that it can't carry. I love feeling you move, roll, squirm, kick, dance, and oh my, those baby hiccups...holy cuteness. But baby girl, it would be great if you came out soon.

Your daddy is excited too! Every day he sings you your special songs, and tells you how much he loves you - can you hear him?

Even Numi can tell you're on your way...he follows me around the house, like he knows you're in there and can't wait to lick your face.

Keep growing strong, little one. We love you so much!

Your Mama

P.S. Can you come soon?

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  1. Oh Jess! These last days can seem like forever! Praying for you as you joyfully anticipate the birth of your precious little girl! Love you! Shelly