THE PLANK // My Journey to Overall Health

May 8, 2014

This morning I experienced an amazing achievement: I held a plank for over a minute and didn't even resort to cursing. NOT ONCE. 

If you know me, you know that I've never considered myself a super fit person. My plank may not seem like the greatest achievement ever, but for me -- it is HUGE. It's huge because it not only represents an increase in my physical strength, but also a major change in mindset and belief in myself.

The past few months have been a journey...and it's been incredible. Since quitting my toxic job and vowing to live life in a healthier, more positive way, things are changing like crazy. I'm talking mind, spirit, and body, folks. Starting that change can be hard, but keeping-on and pushing through can be SUPER hard. 

Being a part of a supportive challenge group has been a HUGE factor in my personal revolution. The daily support, encouragement, and community of accountability has helped me to see fitness and health in a new light. 

I'm really excited to share that I have the opportunity to be an apprentice coach in Becka Robinson's next month-long Challenge Group! This is same challenge that has helped me get leaner, stronger, and feel better about my body... and has changed the way I think about overall health. 

I'm looking for three friends to join me as I apprentice coach and learn more about how to encourage others in their journeys. I'm not in perfect shape. I don't have all the answers. But I DO know that together, we are stronger. If you are interested or have any questions - shoot me an email and I will send you all the details. 

If you're anything like how I felt - scared, weighed down (literally and figuratively ;) ), and unsure about how to get started - I can promise you, it's better together. :)


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  1. Wahoo! Plank for over a minute is tough. Good for you!! I'm thinking of heading up your way to do Night Moves - want to do it together? (I love that you're blogging again.)