The Miracle Tea Kettle | A Look Into 2014

January 27, 2014
Simplex Tea Kettle
SPOILER ALERT: I'm going to expound lovingly about an inanimate object for what *may* feel like an unhealthy amount of time.
Have you ever been on the hunt for a household object for months, years maybe, hoping that one day you'll stumble across said-item in all of it's glory, and it happens to be on sale for 90% off?
If so, then you are going to love this. If you haven't, then I'm not sure we can thrift socially together.
You see, for about a year now I've been looking for a Simplex Tea KettleA Simplex Tea Kettle, you might ask, but what's so special about this particular tea kettle?
You didn't ask? Oh. Um. Well, they are solid copper, chrome plated kettles that are made in England and have that sort of Downton Abbey-like durability. They are feminine and beautiful and when the kettle whistles you'd swear that fairies were being granted wings in far off places. YEP, I love this kettle that much.
But here's the thing - these magical kettles also retail for between $150 - $300. YEAH.
So where does a gal go to find good things on the cheap? Enter the almighty eBay, where I danced the awkward and adrenaline-pumping dance with other Simplex searching souls, all of us bidding back and forth like crazy, all wanting to feel like Maggie Smith with our English copper kettle.
Long story short - I tried 3 times, but each time I managed to lose the auction. I was bummed! I took it as a sign that it just wasn't meant to be. I wasn't having any luck as a savvy online auction bidder, and I certainly wasn't ready to drop a few hundred dollars. went on.
As I turned the corner in my neighborhood thrift store, there she was, staring me in the eye. And the best part, well the two best parts - amazing condition, and marked at $9!!! Nine Dollars! One less than ten!
Why am I sharing my embarrassingly over-the-top excitement for this common kitchen appliance?
Because first and foremost, I just have to share, and hope that there's a weirdo like me out there too.
And two - at the start of 2014, this really exemplifies where I'm at. I am reveling at my blessings, enjoying the beautiful people around me, and entering this year with bright eyes and an eager heart. I am so excited for what this year has to bring! There are fun things on the horizon that I'm looking forward to sharing with you, if you're willing to look past my bizarre love of English copper cookware and stick around.
(Which I hope that you do. :) )

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