On Saturday I was lucky enough to attend the Fruitful Collaborations hosted Kinfolk event where we learned how to make Morrocan Preserved Lemons. It was a beautiful event in a custom BoMo designed home, with an incredible meal prepared by Julia Crookston of Goodland Kitchen. All in all, a dreamy afternoon with some lovely people. Thanks Fruitful Collaborations team!

I present –  the Absolutely Divine No-Bake Balsamic Strawberry Tart with Ginger-Coconut Crust. Okay, so I’m not great at naming things. This is one of my absolute favorite desserts to make – it’s easy, fresh, and the flavors are so vibrant. I’ve tried various combos and substitutions over the years, but I think I’ve landed on the […]

Brown Butter Peach Dumplings Serves 6 / Adapted from Smitten Kitchen Cookbook Ingredients: 3 ripe, firm peaches Brown sugar Cinnamon  Sweet pie dough – if you’re feeling virtuous, follow your favorite dough recipe. If you’re short on time, pick up a box from Trader Joe’s. Unsalted butter Powdered sugar Egg/Water Directions: **If using frozen pie dough, set […]

The Beat Goes On

Mar 10, 2013

Mini berry crisps / Breezy kitchen window Saying Grace Little L man End of Quarter New funky lamp / Sister Bag Running shoes, part deux  Sunny flower pots / Indoor ficus  Old and new pieces

Oh Hi There!

Feb 7, 2013

After not blogging for a month, I tend to start avoiding my computer. It’s not that I don’t have anything to say…it’s the opposite. It’s that I’ve been living life and the pressure to adequately convey the joys/adventures/stresses/bits and pieces is daunting. In my perfect world I would invite you over to our house for […]

Bonne Année

Jan 7, 2013

Hello and Happy New Year! As I type, I’m sniffling and cradling a mug of steaming ginger lemon tea. I have that distinctive look of one who has been terribly sick for about a week: a red nose, pajama uniform, fluffy beanie, scarf, and a voice that is just on this side of Kathleen Turner.  There’s nothing […]