Botanically Inclined

July 29, 2012
About a week after we moved back to Santa Barbara, Kathy came to visit. She brought us our heavy boxes of books and two wonderfully fine bamboo chairs and helped us adventure around our new-old hometown. Her best friend Katie lives downtown, and she joined the three of us on our morning walk through Lotus Land.

If you're at all botanically inclined, you should at least know about Lotus Land. Smaller than Huntington Gardens, Lotus Land is the former estate of eccentric Ganna Walska. Apparently she was a vibrant, sassy opera singer who had about 20 husbands and wore diamonds the size of your fist. She paid a ton of money to create acres and acres of finely cultivated gardens - and all her work/craziness/money really paid off. 

Matthew and I had been there before - it's literally 2 minutes down the street from Westmont - but Kathy and Katie were newbies. They loved it! Normally I enjoy taking pictures of people, but Lotus Land really makes you feel like you're in another world. Very Narnia-ish. I couldn't stop snapping pics. 

** Sidenote: Do you like the new look!? I really do. I geeked out over it all afternoon. :)
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Sun-Soaked California Love

July 28, 2012
Alicia and Matt. 
Also known as quite possibly the sweetest couple ever. 
She's a pediatric nurse, he's a finance guy, they're both genuine and kind. 

It was my first time shooting at the lovely Bacara, and thankfully the weather cooperated perfectly. 
And by that I mean it was extra sunny and tropical, instead of just normal tropical. 

Check out some more of my favorites from their wedding day over here on my FB page. 

You gotta love that sun soaked California love. :)


Well Bless My Stars

July 19, 2012

Oh hello, long lost blog. It's been awhile! 

There has been a ton of Roy joy happening lately, and all the activity warrants more than this measly little update. For now, I shall summarize:

We celebrated with 4th with a truly adorable small town parade and sparklers.
We moved to paradise. 
We have seen an old friend/family member every single day we've been here. Most of the time by chance.
We are still without internet, but updating the blog while sipping coffee at the French Press is a lovely substitute to blogging my in pj's. (Update: internet has arrived! YES.)

I think the main update is this: I can feel the old, cold, dreary layers of my unhappy Spokane self slowly peeling away: I am happy. There are a million things still unknown - jobs, schedules, money - but our blessings overflow. Friends, community, farmer's markets, sun, ocean, happy dog, happy husband, happy me - I AM SO THANKFUL. 

Here are some iPhone pics from the past few weeks - real pics and stories coming soon!

Celebrated 5 years of being married to this guy. 
Street finds in SB are epic. 
Mesa mini hike.
Numi's first time in the ocean. He's in love. 


House Hunt

July 1, 2012
Friends, so much has been going on. So. much. 

First, we decided to take a trip down to Santa Barbara to look for houses. 

 We drove down with this little cutie. (And stopped at In-N-Out, naturally.)

And this cutie too. Plus the amazingly rad Anna. It took 9 hours, but really, the kids were great!

 We hung out with this clan. And the bucket bike. And celebrated a Master.

And cuddled.

Because he's a cutie-pa-tootie, according to big brother Landon.

 "Aunt Jessica, I want to take a picture of YOU!"

We fell in love even more with our new we just stood over Butterfly Beach and just stared out at the sea.

Which leads me to our major success - we found a house!

It's small and perfect and just what we wanted. 

How did this happen?

I'm not even sure.

These are just a couple pics I grabbed from the Craigslist ad, because when we were there I was too giddy to take pictures. It wasn't until we were in the car, with the keys, that I thought oh geez, I didn't take a single picture. So these will have to do for now. We're really lucky - we found a great place up on the lower Riviera that allows Numi and has - I can't believe it - sweeping ocean views. We are so thankful to have found this place!

So that's the update. We move down there on the 10th. It's so soon.