Life Lately, iPhone Style

May 24, 2012
Just a quick check-in here! I'm off to Seattle in the morning to shoot another wedding with Josh and spend some time with the lovely Greenlake girls. Here's a bit of life lately - what I'm reading, seeing, and enjoying. Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!


Travel Bug

May 18, 2012

Hello from sunny California! I'm sitting on Kathy's back deck, sipping iced coffee and playing on her iPad. 

It's definitely my happy place.

The trip has been great so far. I miss Matthew, but sometimes these solo trips can feel so restoring. 

Tomorrow I head back home for a few days, and then it's off to Seattle! Busy times. :)



First Farmer's Market

May 12, 2012
Nothing so loudly proclaims the end of Dark Winter like the first Farmer's Market of the season.

Before I go on, I know some of you are like

what, first market of the season, oh wow I've been eating fresh bok choy all winter long, and did I mention the avocados and tomatoes?

To you, I say be quiet. And let me have my moment.

For those of you who are with me on this, can I get a collective HOORAY?!

Though still a bit on the lean side, there were a handful of awesome vendors who braved the cold morning to share their organic goodness with us. We left with my big yellow bag filled with kale, asparagus, chives, bok choy, bread, honey, and a sweet little bouquet of tulips.

Thank you tiny little market for making my weekend.

Some constructive criticism? Mid May is a bit of a delayed year, try for April.

I'll be wishing you luck from afar - in my new home where there are farmer's markets year round. :)



May 11, 2012

Tonight at 5:30 p.m. RJ and Anna welcomed 
John Parker Hosking 
into the world. 

Parker, we love you so much already and can't wait to be your new neighbors.

(You have some rad parents, believe me.)

Aunt Jess and Uncle Matthew 


Glamour, Revealed

May 9, 2012

Hello Wednesday.

My posts have been a bit more sporadic as of late - you know, my life is glamourous and fast paced and all that. I have many leather bound books and my office smells of rich mahogany.

I joke.

What have I been up to...

I am the queen of boxes. I am their queen, they are my subjects, and they gather at my feet. Or...I'm just surrounded by piles of folded cardboard. From Petco. I've been making a huge pile of boxes in our living room of stuff to take, stuff to sell, stuff to toss. Exciting stuff.

Last weekend was Cinco de Mayo, and I didn't make any of the cute things y'all were talking about. I made a huge bowl of spicy salsa and was really happy about it. Cute, not so much. Tasty, oh yes.

Sunday I spent the morning with my favorite Amanda and her God-daughter Elsie - we played princess, ran around in lady bug boots, chased butterflies, and had a great time in the park. See below for your daily dose of child cuteness.

And now I've made it full circle back to boxes. We're still on the house hunt (what? you know of a killer 2 bedroom house in midtown Ventura that allows a sweet black lab? why are we not talking? like, right now?!) and MR is all about the thesis.

This month is going to fly.


With Glittering Eyes

May 4, 2012

And above all, watch with glittering eyes
the whole world around you
because the greatest secrets
are always hidden
in the most unlikely places.
-Roald Dahl


There and Back Again

May 2, 2012
I've never been one of those people that thought driving across the country would be fun. I mean, looking back on it, I'm sure I'd think oh wow, that was a cool experience, I'm so glad I did it. But the thought of driving endless hours on endless stretches of highway... not my thing.

So, two days after getting back from our most recent road trip, I can look back and say oh wow, that was a cool experience, I'm so glad we did it! 

The reason for our sojourn to the great white North? Matthew was selected to present a paper at the Northwest Chapter meeting of the American Musicological Society, which was held this year at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. We broke up the 12+ hour drive with a stop in Calgary, which we found to be... rainy, gray and just a little bit ghetto.

Once we arrived in Edmonton, Matthew rocked the conference. I stayed and listened to a few sessions, and for the most part they were all pretty interesting. Matthew's paper, entitled Dehumanization in the Prelude Set of Vsevolod Petrovich Zaderatsky was well received and appreciated by the group. It's just a part of his overall thesis, and people were clamoring to read the whole thing. I was so proud of him!

While Matthew listened to papers, I explored around town, checked out the Conservatory, swam in the swanky hotel pool, and relaxed. It was wonderful!

On the way home we stopped at Frank's Slide - an area where a mountain decided to just...fall down. It looked like Mordor - just a huge, dark rock field. It was strangely beautiful.

After hours of driving and with a determination to find real, edible whole foods - we chanced upon this gem in Fernie. It saved us! 

A great trip, but waking up in our own warm bed....priceless. Glad to be home!