Terrarium Time

March 24, 2012

The day after we made our big announcement about our return to SB, it snowed a good five inches.

I think Spokane is just jealous.

Anyway, I decided it was time for a Spring project to bring a little color and life into the house.

Terrariums are the perfect customizable project - I've seen them with little animals or toys, big ones, tall ones, little ones, etc. This time around I went for simplicity. A few varieties of succulents, baby fern and other little unknown sprigs plus moss, dirt and rocks. Really simple!

What you'll need:

Small glass or ceramic containers (like these or these)
Small Rocks
Potting soil
Small plants or succulents

To achieve a similar look: layer rocks, then dirt, insert plant, cover top with moss. I sprinkled in a few smooth glass stones I had stored away from my childhood trip to Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, but you can add any special touches you like. Water once a month and enjoy!


The Adventure Continues

March 21, 2012
{Original Photo by Jim Corwin} 

It's crazy to sit down and write another post about huge life change. 

We have spent the last two years here in Spokane while Matthew has worked on completing his Master's degree in Music. I started my own business, something that was one of the best learning experiences I've ever had. We've met people here that have forever changed our lives. Matthew has grown as a musician and leaves his Master's work with a new direction and focus. 

And in three months, we will begin a new adventure.

Matthew's been offered a place in the University of California at Santa Barbara's Musicology Doctoral Program! 

Basically, we are moving to a tropical paradise where we will enjoy family, old friends, amazing connections, SUN, and where Matthew will enter a program that is paying him to pursue his lifelong dream. 

It goes without saying that we are beyond THRILLED to be returning to Santa Barbara. It's where we went to college, where we met, fell in love, and lived our first year together in that tiny cave of an apartment. Matthew owned a piano studio and I worked for a wealthy eccentric. We never had to de-ice anything. We never had to shovel snow. It rocked. 

When we left Santa Barbara, we were ready to see more of the world. We we're tired of the tropical weather. (Can you freakin' believe that?!) We wanted to burst out of the college town bubble. So we moved away and did a million things. We got jobs, moved into houses, added a black pup to the family, made new friends, went to grad school, and ended up here in Spokane. 

And let me tell you - after living for two years in Spokane we are more than ready to get out of here. 

More good news -  moving to SB means that I'm taking my photography to another level! I'm psyched to work more with Josh Newton and with a host of other super talented folks in SB. These people are in another class of photographers - giving, open, supportive, creative and loving. I'm excited to make that transition and expand my work!          

Bottom line: we could not have asked for a greater blessing. Tropical Paradise? Living near our beloved Hoskings? Matthew fulfilling a lifelong dream? My chance to more seriously pursue photography? Reconnecting with our old SB friends? Living by the beach?!

Sigh....it almost seems too good to be true. :)

Let the countdown BEGIN!

First Day of Spring

March 20, 2012
Today is the first day of Spring! 

And although the PNW has missed the memo, I'm celebrating the Springtime that is flourishing within my little house. (Thank you Trader Joe's!)

Some of my favorite things about Springtime:

The disappearing snow
Wearing peep toe heels
Roasted asparagus
Fresh colors
Wearing dresses without tights

What are some of your favorite Springtime things? :)


Mega Shaka

March 19, 2012

An ode to my brother RJ - a sun soaked Patagonia man who rocks the surfboard on his lunch break and loves the shaka. See you in a week, bro!

Sick, In Need of Soup

March 16, 2012
Split Pea Soup via Heidi Swanson of 101 Cookbooks

Well I'm not sure if it's just that time of year, or because of all the crazy things that have been happening lately, but both Matthew and I have come down with a nasty virus. It's like our systems are just totally overloaded - Matthew is entering his finals week, opening week of Go Dog Go, and we've had a lot of new things to think about. And this morning it started snowing again...blah

But the good news is that we're headed to visit RJ and Anna is just about a week - and that means sun, family, good food, beach time, and more sun. Yeesssssssssss.......

So in the meantime I'm trying to focus on getting better. Juicing, vitamin popping like crazy, and making lots of soup. I love having a huge pot of soup that I can just reheat...when both of us are sick it's the perfect meal.

I don't subscribe to eating soup from cans...it's just wrong. My favorite places to find good soup:

101 Cookbooks
A Chow Life
Simply Recipes
Smitten Kitchen

Soup on, y'all.

Attempt at Secret Keeping

March 14, 2012

Mr. Sun, where are you?

Apparently daffodils are blooming back where the sun lives. I hear they're beautiful.


I have a confession.

I'm quite terrible at keeping secrets.

Not big ones that really matter, but little ones like birthday presents and surprises.

I just get way, way too excited. (I'm pretty much Sue.)

Well currently I'm in utter turmoil.

Because I have a really good secret. A really, really, really awesome secret that I can't wait to share!

But I can't for another week or so.

( I always hate it when bloggers say "I have the best thing to tell you, but I can't - haha!" It's crazy annoying. Ugh.)

......But I have the best thing to tell you, but I can't just yet.  :)

Stay tuned!


Bhritney & Riley | Whidbey Island Wedding

March 9, 2012
This past weekend I was lucky enough to second shoot with Josh Newton - a wonderful friend from our Westmont days and International wedding photographer extraordinaire.

Josh is one of a kind. I have never met a photographer who is more encouraging, uplifting, and supportive - and I'm completely serious here. After just one day of shooting with him I felt more alive and passionate about photography than I ever have before. He has nearly the entire year booked with weddings all over the world, and yet he is more than willing to chat, counsel and offer help. HE ROCKS. Plain and simple. He is actively trying to encourage and foster a new breed of photographers - creative, loving folks who focus on forging new relationships with fellow professionals - not climbing the ladder or being overly competitive. Talk about a breath of fresh air!

Bhritney and Riley were the cutest couple. Total dorks. She walked down the aisle to the Harry Potter theme, and there were ample Lord of the Rings references throughout the ceremony. It was hilarious. Definitely a unique couple, which made for a very unique wedding. They're also musicians,  which brought everyone to tears as Riley surprised Brittany mid-ceremony with a song that he'd written for her. Yes, I teared. It fogged up my camera. I had to pull it together.

The wedding was on Whidbey Island and we had exactly 3 hours of sunshine. :) The rest of the time we enjoyed the cool Seattle air in wellies and coats. The island was green and so beautiful!

Anyway, here's a look at the beautiful couple...it's a long post. I'll be posting more soon.


To the Best Man I know

March 7, 2012
So I'm back! The island was amazing. Seeing Josh was amazing. Photographing Brittany and Riley was amazing. I'll catch you all up on these things tomorrow. :)

But first I want to celebrate the best man I know - Matthew turns 27 today!

Matthew, you are the best.

You're the best at being a sexy artist.
You're the best at taking naps with Numi.
You're the best at putting on kick ass lecture recitals.
Did I mention that you're the best at being sexy?
You're the best man I know, and I love that you love me.

Happy Birthday MR!