All Our Love | Christmas 2012

December 16, 2012

Hello friends.

This week has been heavy, and tonight I am counting my blessings.

My heart is broken for friends, acquaintances, strangers - so many that are dealing with loss and pain this week. I can't wrap my brain around it all.

In the words of my beautiful friend Laura: let's honor the crap out of these people. Let's honor them by pouring out all the love we have. Hug your families. Be nice to strangers. Celebrate the joy of this season.

This year Matthew and I decided to make a little Christmas video instead of our traditional cards - it's a true, dorky look at our little family unit - unpolished, but genuine.

Sending all our love to you this December - may your holidays be filled with love, light, togetherness, comfort, and joy.


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