November Tidings

November 1, 2012

It's November! Yesssssssssss.

We've just left behind my least favorite holiday (Halloween) and are closer than ever to my top two favorites - Thanksgiving and Christmas.

And can I get a major HALLELUJAH that we're not surrounded by gloom and snow? 

Seriously counting my blessings this year. As we enter the official "holiday season" I am eagerly anticipating spending holidays with our families and friends. I can't wait to travel to the snowy cold, but to still live by the beach and feel the sun on my face. I can already taste the apple fritter that we're going to eat at Apple Hill on our next trip home. My winter attire is still all about boots and scarves, but praise-to-the heavens I have not thought once about snow shovels, de-icing anything, or if we'll be able to travel during the winter.

So here's three cheers for warm drinks, foggy mornings, pumpkin tarts, scarves, fall colors, and cozy times. Happy November friends!



  1. How about defrosting pipes in a basement crawl space with a hair dryer? Those were good times!
    As long as we still get all the holiday desserts, I'm good. :)

    1. Man, I almost forgot about that first hellish winter...but then again, it was YOU that was responsible for crawling under the house... :) You're the best. xoxoxoxo

  2. wish we weren't in the cold and gloom (I'm from the coast of GA but live in MN...) someday.... In any case happy november!

    1. Hang in there - I am sending you warm happy thoughts! :)