Life Happens

November 24, 2012

Where have I been.

That is the question. 

The answer is: 


These last two weeks have been filled to the brim with new, wonderful, festive, and fun things. 

I got a new job. (Bullet points: great position, great team, great organization, cute little office, gorgeous campus.)

I went on a road trip. (Bullet points: Kate, Kathy, Martin's, Susie, happy hour with friends, shopping, apple fritters.)

I did a few photo sessions. (Bullet points: fun, gorgeous, will share soon.)

We celebrated Thanksgiving. (Bullet points: food/family/fun in SoCal, drawing names for Christmas/virtual celebration with Roseville family via FaceTime.)

So many good things, so grateful. Blogging will be a bit light over the next month or so as I take time to transition into my new role, etc. but I'll be back with Christmas cheer soon. 


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