I've Traded Snow for Vegetables

November 10, 2012
For the past two years we've had the same November Saturday morning routine: wake up, put on 5 layers, let the dog out, check snow levels, feed dog, make tea, remark about the blistering cold temps.

This November it's a bit different. 

Wake up, put on 2 layers, let the dog out, feel the warm sun on my face, feed dog, head downtown to stroll, get coffee, and enjoy the farmer's market. Remark about the chill in the air, but love that it makes it feel like Fall.  

Next week I'm headed up North to the cold - excited to bust out my red riding hood coat once again and enjoy my childhood NorCal Fall, but for now I'm, as always, incredibly thankful for this sunny, lovely place we call home.  

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  1. It's amazing the difference one year can make. And pineapple guavas. Love you.