Westmont Homecoming Weekend | 5 Years!

October 29, 2012

I've never really been into the idea of Class Reunions.

I just envision bad scenes from tv shows or movies - the ones where there are only three things you can be - the model, the over achiever, or the socially awkward.

I mean, yikes.

I was glad to start the weekend off right with our dear friends Amanda and Katie. If you're armed with good friends, you can dispel even the most socially awkward situations - and by the end of the weekend we were all reflecting on how happy we were that we'd gone.

I'm sad I didn't get any pictures of our reunion dinner...but it was sunset/evening at the beach...and I was living in the moment, right?!

I was reminded, as I am every morning, that we live in paradise

It was incredible to spend some time with our fellow Communication Studies majors and to visit a Rhetoric class. I was overwhelmed with how meaningful those people, professors and classes were and still are to me. 

Campus has changed a lot, and really, it's just more beautiful. 

Matthew with our bestie Katie!
Thanks Lori for the pic!
We met up with our freshman section - Clark K girls forever! - and it was so good to reconnect with these lovely ladies. Blenders and Butterfly Beach, obviously

Brunch with the incredible Amanda and Jeff! Love these two. #shipleystyle
Thank you wonderful friends for energizing, encouraging, and lighting up my life.
I guess reunions aren't the worst...they're actually quite awesome.

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