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October 23, 2012
One needle costumes.

This is a very serious topic.

When we were young my mother would lovingly embrace the Halloween tradition of costumes - her way.

She would gather fabric of all sorts, random household supplies that weren't in use, old clothes, you name it - and create for us homemade costumes using, yep, one needle and some thread.

One year my sister Kate wanted to be a monarch butterfly, so naturally my mother went out and got a hold of heavy gauge wire, fabric, felt, and created (I kid you not) a pair of wings that had a wingspan of at least 4 feet. Speckled orange, white, and black wings that made 5 year old Kate look like she might actually be swept away should the wind pick mother started getting costume requests from other parents.

I've always loved sunflowers, so one year my mother created a huge set of petals that framed my face - and they totally rocked....that is until I got stuck in some lady's rose bush in front of her house...but hey, what a memory.

I was digging through some old photos in search of said costume genius, and came across one of my favorites- I was an angel, Kate was Peter Pan. (You can't see it, but my mom made Kate a jeweled sword and a tiny sheath that hung off her belt - rad!)

I hope that I will have the time, energy, and joy to do the same for my children.

(First child, be warned - you will be Bach for your first Halloween. We will slap a wig on you, and your round little belly will sell the rest. You can thank your Dad.)

I have such fond memories of sitting in the living room and watching my mother transform a pile of jewels, felt and other oddities into the coolest Jester costume ever (Get it? Jessica the Jester?! Okay, I was 10...) or taking an old faux bear rug and turning it into Kate's Beanie Baby jumpsuit (it was the mid nineties).

Ahh, the woman was a genius.

What is your favorite Halloween costume ever?

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