Every Summer Has A Story

August 2, 2012

It's August folks! I'm really happy: Summer is truly HERE.

(Who am I kidding, this is Santa Barbara. Well, it's my first real Summer in years, so I'm celebrating with gusto.)

Summertime makes me want to have a huge al fresco dinner party on the deck and invite everyone I love. I'm thinking bruschetta, asparagus, salmon, cocktails, huge salads, crusty bread, cioppino, fruit crisps. I love food.

It makes me want to slather myself in sunscreen and spend the entire day on the beach, where a Blenders magically appears for me around lunchtime. Fairy Godmother, I'll take a Blue Orange, thanks!

It makes me want to wear nautical stripes and let my hair make friends with the humidity and walk around with beachy waves. (Author's note: this will never happen.)

Mostly, this summer I'm hit with a love and fondness I haven't felt before.

Here's the truth:

After graduating college, I fell a little bit out-of-love with Summer.

In college, you enjoy a blissful thing called SUMMER VACATION - months of sun and sea and trips and part time jobs. You think, heck, since I'm normally in school all the time, I'm going to tear it up for the next few months!

But then I graduated.

And I had a major realization:

In real life, you enjoy something called THE REAL WORLD.

I know, this sounds a bit obvious.

But really - my lovely 3 month long Summer vacations were gone. I had entered that part of adulthood where come May 5, you simply keep going to work.

So needless to say, Summer sort of lost it's magic for me for a time.

But then we moved to Spokane, and... we don't need to go into it. Summer there is fleeting, like chasing a fox through the forest: you see the fox, chase after it, and only ever end up catching the slightest glimpse of it. You sit down to rest and accept the next 8 months of winter weather.

So I've learned my lesson. I will take Summer



  1. Lovely post, Jess! I went through sort of the same thing that you did, just "forgetting" about summer for a while. It's funny, because it is also when we moved to a colder place (Scandinavia) that I also started REALLY appreciating (the few days of) summer. Happy summer to you :)

    1. Thanks Audrey! Wow, Scandinavia sounds like quite the adventure. (And by the sound of you blog you've been a ton of cool places!) It's true, it wasn't until we moved away from the sun that we began to truly appreciate and miss Summertime. We are so thankful to be back! :)

  2. As long as I get fresh blueberry/peach crumble, my summer is GOLD! Thank God for summer! :)

  3. I can very much relate to this. after college I worked year round and rarely saw the sun. Then we moved to Minnesota:: the winters here are brutal. So every sunny day in the summer is one we spend outside. I value summer more than ever. Beautiful pictures, by the way!

    1. Thanks Julia! Wow, Minnesota - I hear those winters are the epitome of brutal :)