Well Bless My Stars

July 19, 2012

Oh hello, long lost blog. It's been awhile! 

There has been a ton of Roy joy happening lately, and all the activity warrants more than this measly little update. For now, I shall summarize:

We celebrated with 4th with a truly adorable small town parade and sparklers.
We moved to paradise. 
We have seen an old friend/family member every single day we've been here. Most of the time by chance.
We are still without internet, but updating the blog while sipping coffee at the French Press is a lovely substitute to blogging my in pj's. (Update: internet has arrived! YES.)

I think the main update is this: I can feel the old, cold, dreary layers of my unhappy Spokane self slowly peeling away: I am happy. There are a million things still unknown - jobs, schedules, money - but our blessings overflow. Friends, community, farmer's markets, sun, ocean, happy dog, happy husband, happy me - I AM SO THANKFUL. 

Here are some iPhone pics from the past few weeks - real pics and stories coming soon!

Celebrated 5 years of being married to this guy. 
Street finds in SB are epic. 
Mesa mini hike.
Numi's first time in the ocean. He's in love. 

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  1. Truly epic! Looks like a great place to grow and get down another 5 (or more) years!