Botanically Inclined

July 29, 2012
About a week after we moved back to Santa Barbara, Kathy came to visit. She brought us our heavy boxes of books and two wonderfully fine bamboo chairs and helped us adventure around our new-old hometown. Her best friend Katie lives downtown, and she joined the three of us on our morning walk through Lotus Land.

If you're at all botanically inclined, you should at least know about Lotus Land. Smaller than Huntington Gardens, Lotus Land is the former estate of eccentric Ganna Walska. Apparently she was a vibrant, sassy opera singer who had about 20 husbands and wore diamonds the size of your fist. She paid a ton of money to create acres and acres of finely cultivated gardens - and all her work/craziness/money really paid off. 

Matthew and I had been there before - it's literally 2 minutes down the street from Westmont - but Kathy and Katie were newbies. They loved it! Normally I enjoy taking pictures of people, but Lotus Land really makes you feel like you're in another world. Very Narnia-ish. I couldn't stop snapping pics. 

** Sidenote: Do you like the new look!? I really do. I geeked out over it all afternoon. :)
I am in love with Blog Milk Designs - my last layout was one of theirs - and I highly recommend them! **


  1. So much fun! You always see something new each time you go. Apparently I was intrigued by the mini pomegranates! Awesome cactus pic. It's my fav!

  2. By cactus pic, I mean the first one with the sun's rays slanting through the towers of the cactus city.

  3. I really like the new look, so simple and elegant. you have got some awesome camera skills my dear. love the photo of the citrus plant.