Many Thanks & Sandwiches

June 5, 2012
Photo by Kelly Pratt of Stately Sandwiches via Anthology
Hi friends! My absence yesterday was a sign of celebration on our part - it was my BIRTHDAY! I spent the day with Matthew, making a really lovely crepe birthday cake (did you see that pic on FB!?) and generally being pretty low key. Thanks for all the emails, messages and cards - they really made my day. :)

I've got a long sentimental post rattling around my brain about turning 27, moving, life change, friends, cake, and gratitude. But right now I'm enjoying some coffee time in a downtown cafe, utilizing MR's computer while he reads a large book of sheet music (yeah, he reads it like a book), and having fun surfing the web.

So for today, I thought I'd share with you a really interesting and delicious looking project - Stately Sandwiches, brought to us all by Kelly Pratt. Click through and read about this journey - it's sounds way cool. Does it come to anyone's surprise that The California is my favorite?

Enjoy your tuesday!

And now I want a sandwich.

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