June 1, 2012

So, wow, it's June. I'm sitting here, shaking my head, not really sure how it came so fast.

I remember January, me in a puddle of depression and wanting so desperately to move away from Spokane.

February brought more snow, a Valentine's Day where MR had to work all night, and more uncertainty and longing for a new home.

March, well that month was a kick in the ass. MR turned 27, and two days later we were told that he's been accepted to UCSB with a full ride. I was sick the entire month, plus some. Thesis madness was starting to take hold. And MR was still music-directing for the Spokane Children's Theatre. But March did bring a trip to see our beloved Hoskings in Ventura - a lovely gift that helped us get through the nastiness of the Spokane winter.

April was...busy. Thesis. Work. Looking for our new home. Lots o' stuff.

May flew by. Literally, flew. right. by.

And now, somehow we're here in June. I'm turning 27 in a couple days, then MR graduates, then we celebrate one last time at Manito Tap House, and then we're out of here.

I am so thankful.

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  1. I can't really remember anything in May. That's pretty strange. I think June will be very, VERY good!