The Birthday Crepe Cake

June 6, 2012
So this year, the birthday cake process was a complicated one. 

When making birthday treats for anyone but myself, I am fairly fearless when it comes to experimenting, trying out new recipes or being extravagant. 

For myself...I become an indecisive and timid baker. 

So at first, I wanted to make this cake. Gorgeous, raw, lovely and fresh. It sounded perfect for me. 

But then Matthew reminded me of the last time I tried a raw/vegan baking experiment. It was good...but not a terribly fun experience. "And it would be great if this cake...tasted good." Matthew's not a fan of raw...

(But I'm going to make that cake. I think it looks divine.)

Which led us to this cake. This looks crazy fun to make. And Matthew was really excited about this one.

But gah, the thought of using 7 sticks of butter, 7 cups of was the opposite of my raw beauty cake. I know it's a birthday cake, but geez...this recipe could kill someone. 

Which finally led us to our little crepe cake beauty. She's delicate, sweet, airy, feminine and celebratory. She's simple to whip up, and doesn't actually require any baking. I know, I'm a cheater. 

Start with strawberries and a delicious chocolatey nutella-esque spread.

Then get some help from Julia. We used the savory crepe recipe to balance out the sweetness of the choco spread.

Find a gorgeous piano playing genius to whip up about thirty 6" crepes.

While he cooks those up, you start the layering process. Yes - each crepe gets it's own layer of goodness.

After awhile, it starts to get pretty tall...

 Then, top with fresh strawberries.

Cut into cake and revel in it's deliciousness. 

Crepe Recipe / Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking
Cocoa Almond Spread and Organic Strawberries from Trader Joes

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