Baby Love

June 23, 2012
As if it wasn't awesome enough that we're finally back in CA, on Thursday I got a phone call from my sister-in-law Anna that went something like this:

"So we're on our way up to see my parents in Roseville and we would love to see you! It's just me and the boys - and you need to meet Parker!"

And then I responded with something like this:


So last night we joined Anna, her sister April, and their parents Jeanette and John for dinner and had some perfectly dimpled baby love time with Landon and Parker. Anna is seriously one of the most wonderful women I know - kind, strong, lovely, beautiful, and a great mother. We ADORE her.

Landon was a joy, as always. He showed off his superb coordination and rocked his new scooter around the neighborhood with Uncle Matthew. He and I played soccer and cleared the table together. He's such a little man already. He's such a joy. Parker was a tiny squishy love bug that I could not stop kissing and cooing over. Jeannette, John and April are kind, fun and great people to be around.

All around, a pretty stellar group. :)

Ah, my family. Loves of my life.

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  1. Such a fun evening! Really rejuvenating to talk with those people and hang out with Landon.