Baby Love

Jun 23, 2012

As if it wasn’t awesome enough that we’re finally back in CA, on Thursday I got a phone call from my sister-in-law Anna that went something like this: “So we’re on our way up to see my parents in Roseville and we would love to see you! It’s just me and the boys – and […]

Wow. We made it. We’re in Roseville, CA breaking our massive road trip with a visit with my family for a couple weeks. It’s so nice to arrive to a fully furnished house with air conditioning, food in the fridge, and the best family ever. The photos above are from our beautiful camp spot the […]

Here we go

Jun 15, 2012

Beautiful print by Lisa Congdon Well, here we go.  Last Friday. Last weekend. Graduation. Family. Packing. Cleaning. Saying goodbye to Branches. Driving away from our little white house. Kathy arrived last night, and so far we’ve planned about 100+ things to do once we’re back in California. We are so thrilled to have finally arrived at […]

Miss Clara

Jun 14, 2012

Last week I promised cuteness, and oh, how I deliver.  Clara is such a sweetie! I’m so glad to have connected with Jen (Clara’s mama) these past few weeks – they are the most darling family and Clara is the happiest little girl.  And do I even need to say, photogenic? Yeah, she’s a beauty.  […]

The River Queen

Jun 12, 2012

Today Matthew, Numi, and I had a picnic down by the river.  We said goodbye to our favorite place by enjoying our sandwiches and throwing sticks for Numi  and barely making it out of there before the rain started to pour.  Numi didn’t mind the cold water, and our car reeks of wet dog as […]

So this year, the birthday cake process was a complicated one.  When making birthday treats for anyone but myself, I am fairly fearless when it comes to experimenting, trying out new recipes or being extravagant.  For myself…I become an indecisive and timid baker.  So at first, I wanted to make this cake. Gorgeous, raw, lovely […]

Photo by Kelly Pratt of Stately Sandwiches via Anthology Hi friends! My absence yesterday was a sign of celebration on our part – it was my BIRTHDAY! I spent the day with Matthew, making a really lovely crepe birthday cake (did you see that pic on FB!?) and generally being pretty low key. Thanks for all […]

 Well, here we are on this lovely, blustery, sunny, rainy, and thunderstormy Saturday. We are basking in the glow of Matthew’s successful defense of his 129 page thesis – he is now officially a Master. 🙂 It is such a huge accomplishment, and we feel like our purpose for coming to Spokane is coming to […]


Jun 1, 2012

So, wow, it’s June. I’m sitting here, shaking my head, not really sure how it came so fast. I remember January, me in a puddle of depression and wanting so desperately to move away from Spokane. February brought more snow, a Valentine’s Day where MR had to work all night, and more uncertainty and longing […]