There and Back Again

May 2, 2012
I've never been one of those people that thought driving across the country would be fun. I mean, looking back on it, I'm sure I'd think oh wow, that was a cool experience, I'm so glad I did it. But the thought of driving endless hours on endless stretches of highway... not my thing.

So, two days after getting back from our most recent road trip, I can look back and say oh wow, that was a cool experience, I'm so glad we did it! 

The reason for our sojourn to the great white North? Matthew was selected to present a paper at the Northwest Chapter meeting of the American Musicological Society, which was held this year at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. We broke up the 12+ hour drive with a stop in Calgary, which we found to be... rainy, gray and just a little bit ghetto.

Once we arrived in Edmonton, Matthew rocked the conference. I stayed and listened to a few sessions, and for the most part they were all pretty interesting. Matthew's paper, entitled Dehumanization in the Prelude Set of Vsevolod Petrovich Zaderatsky was well received and appreciated by the group. It's just a part of his overall thesis, and people were clamoring to read the whole thing. I was so proud of him!

While Matthew listened to papers, I explored around town, checked out the Conservatory, swam in the swanky hotel pool, and relaxed. It was wonderful!

On the way home we stopped at Frank's Slide - an area where a mountain decided to just...fall down. It looked like Mordor - just a huge, dark rock field. It was strangely beautiful.

After hours of driving and with a determination to find real, edible whole foods - we chanced upon this gem in Fernie. It saved us! 

A great trip, but waking up in our own warm bed....priceless. Glad to be home!


  1. These are stunning photos! It makes me want to take a sporadic road trip...