Glamour, Revealed

May 9, 2012

Hello Wednesday.

My posts have been a bit more sporadic as of late - you know, my life is glamourous and fast paced and all that. I have many leather bound books and my office smells of rich mahogany.

I joke.

What have I been up to...

I am the queen of boxes. I am their queen, they are my subjects, and they gather at my feet. Or...I'm just surrounded by piles of folded cardboard. From Petco. I've been making a huge pile of boxes in our living room of stuff to take, stuff to sell, stuff to toss. Exciting stuff.

Last weekend was Cinco de Mayo, and I didn't make any of the cute things y'all were talking about. I made a huge bowl of spicy salsa and was really happy about it. Cute, not so much. Tasty, oh yes.

Sunday I spent the morning with my favorite Amanda and her God-daughter Elsie - we played princess, ran around in lady bug boots, chased butterflies, and had a great time in the park. See below for your daily dose of child cuteness.

And now I've made it full circle back to boxes. We're still on the house hunt (what? you know of a killer 2 bedroom house in midtown Ventura that allows a sweet black lab? why are we not talking? like, right now?!) and MR is all about the thesis.

This month is going to fly.


  1. I would not celebrate Cinco de Mayo in any other way! That salsa was amazing! I want some... in my mouth... right now! :)

  2. I agree with Matthew. Or at least, I think I would if I had tried any of the salsa. Any chance you're sharing that recipe??!? -Olivia