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April 2, 2012

We are back! After spending last week in sunny California we feel recharged to make it through these last couple months here in Spokane. I wish I would express how good it felt to be back there again. So. good. 

Ahhh, and the sun. It was GLORIOUS. 

But even better than the sun was seeing our dear family. After a rental car mishap, we ended up driving up the coast with my sister Kaitlyn - an unexpected delight that started the trip off right. The next few days were filled with walks, beach time, seeing friends, wrestling with Landon, eating good food, and really adjusting to the idea of living in a tropical paradise once again. 

And we stayed with my favorite family around:
Landon is the most inquisitive, articulate and joyful child. 
My brother inspires me every time I see him with his passion and creativity. 
Anna is a glowing beauty who is such an example of goodness in so many ways.

Thanks guys for always welcoming us with such joy!

 Bonus: We even got to meet up with Matthew's Mom and wish his Granddad a happy 95th Birthday. 

All in all, a great trip. :)

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  1. What a great visit! Your photos are beautiful!

  2. Lucky ducks! And SB to boot! We miss SoCal and try to get back every summer to see friends and family.
    Wanted to mention that I just came in from the garden where I was photographing my version of your Indie Easter Eggs. Great tutorial. I didn't have any succulents (my husband thought they were weird weeds and threw them out with the grass clippings) so I just did moss which I have plenty of...everywhere!
    Anyway I wanted to thank you for your tutorial. It was fun and I got to disappear into miniature Indie garden mode for the afternoon. Will post soon and send my few loyal readers your way. I love your blog too!

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