Apr 12, 2012

I’m thankful for daily opportunities to blossom. Today take the time to remind someone that they can blossom. xoxo

I’m pretty much absolutely DONE being sick. I’m so done that I’ve taken to trying out bizarre folk remedies like eating whole cloves of garlic and putting Vicks on the bottom of my feet. On both accounts it was, unpleasant. A more pleasurable anti-sick effort – making this soup. This soup is So. Dang. Good. This […]

Promise of Spring

Apr 10, 2012

It’s on days like this when I get really excited that we’re moving back to a tropical paradise. Recently during our time in Southern California, there was no shortage of outdoor beauty to photograph. Literally, as soon as I stepped off the plane and looked up at the sky, I took a photo. Why? It […]

Happy Easter!

Apr 8, 2012

Let’s party. xoxo.

My husband is a rockstar.  He’s been great these past few weeks – tons of change, lots of new things to think about, taking care of a sick and cranky wife and working on his huge Master’s thesis.  He’s the best.  So yesterday afternoon, when I was hopped up on what may have been an […]

We are back! After spending last week in sunny California we feel recharged to make it through these last couple months here in Spokane. I wish I would express how good it felt to be back there again. So. good.  Ahhh, and the sun. It was GLORIOUS.  But even better than the sun was seeing […]