Terrarium Time

March 24, 2012

The day after we made our big announcement about our return to SB, it snowed a good five inches.

I think Spokane is just jealous.

Anyway, I decided it was time for a Spring project to bring a little color and life into the house.

Terrariums are the perfect customizable project - I've seen them with little animals or toys, big ones, tall ones, little ones, etc. This time around I went for simplicity. A few varieties of succulents, baby fern and other little unknown sprigs plus moss, dirt and rocks. Really simple!

What you'll need:

Small glass or ceramic containers (like these or these)
Small Rocks
Potting soil
Small plants or succulents

To achieve a similar look: layer rocks, then dirt, insert plant, cover top with moss. I sprinkled in a few smooth glass stones I had stored away from my childhood trip to Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, but you can add any special touches you like. Water once a month and enjoy!


  1. I love all your ideas....I also was wondering if you would be interested in being paid to tutor me on photography...I have taken a few classes and self taught all I know...but before you move can I pay you to just spend an hour with me to give a few main must knows...I am shooting my first wedding in September...I live in Spokane and also have a blog.http://stripes-on-stripes.blogspot.com/.... if interested I can give you my email....thanks deneise

  2. Hi Deneise! Why don't you send me an email at j.royjoy@gmail.com and we can chat! :)