Sick, In Need of Soup

March 16, 2012
Split Pea Soup via Heidi Swanson of 101 Cookbooks

Well I'm not sure if it's just that time of year, or because of all the crazy things that have been happening lately, but both Matthew and I have come down with a nasty virus. It's like our systems are just totally overloaded - Matthew is entering his finals week, opening week of Go Dog Go, and we've had a lot of new things to think about. And this morning it started snowing again...blah

But the good news is that we're headed to visit RJ and Anna is just about a week - and that means sun, family, good food, beach time, and more sun. Yeesssssssssss.......

So in the meantime I'm trying to focus on getting better. Juicing, vitamin popping like crazy, and making lots of soup. I love having a huge pot of soup that I can just reheat...when both of us are sick it's the perfect meal.

I don't subscribe to eating soup from's just wrong. My favorite places to find good soup:

101 Cookbooks
A Chow Life
Simply Recipes
Smitten Kitchen

Soup on, y'all.

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