Island Hopping

March 2, 2012

This weekend

I will be hopping

over to a very pretty island.

I am second shooting with this guy over on Whidbey Island on Saturday, and I'm so excited! Josh is a friend from our Westmont days, and was our wedding photographer almost five years ago....what?! Wow. That seems like awhile. Rad. 

It is such a joy to get to work with him - he's an awesome guy and a great photographer.

As if that weren't enough fabulousness, I get to spend Friday night with the always stellar Amanda  - good food, good conversation, good music (concert time!) and some much needed girl friend time. Holla.

Then it's back to Spokane where I will cheer on my genius husband during his Master's Lecture Recital - if you're in town and love Russian piano music, love Matthew, or love cookies - please come! All info can be found here. 

Well, I'm off - I hope your weekend is filled with joy, adventure and all around good things! 

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