Bhritney & Riley | Whidbey Island Wedding

March 9, 2012
This past weekend I was lucky enough to second shoot with Josh Newton - a wonderful friend from our Westmont days and International wedding photographer extraordinaire.

Josh is one of a kind. I have never met a photographer who is more encouraging, uplifting, and supportive - and I'm completely serious here. After just one day of shooting with him I felt more alive and passionate about photography than I ever have before. He has nearly the entire year booked with weddings all over the world, and yet he is more than willing to chat, counsel and offer help. HE ROCKS. Plain and simple. He is actively trying to encourage and foster a new breed of photographers - creative, loving folks who focus on forging new relationships with fellow professionals - not climbing the ladder or being overly competitive. Talk about a breath of fresh air!

Bhritney and Riley were the cutest couple. Total dorks. She walked down the aisle to the Harry Potter theme, and there were ample Lord of the Rings references throughout the ceremony. It was hilarious. Definitely a unique couple, which made for a very unique wedding. They're also musicians,  which brought everyone to tears as Riley surprised Brittany mid-ceremony with a song that he'd written for her. Yes, I teared. It fogged up my camera. I had to pull it together.

The wedding was on Whidbey Island and we had exactly 3 hours of sunshine. :) The rest of the time we enjoyed the cool Seattle air in wellies and coats. The island was green and so beautiful!

Anyway, here's a look at the beautiful's a long post. I'll be posting more soon.


  1. I really love the colors. The bride and groom would probably appreciate the way it reminds me of scenes from Lord of the Rings!

  2. The most beautiful people I've ever seen!

  3. Hey, did you see that parasol after the wedding? I cannot find it!

  4. Hi Cathy - I left shortly into the reception, but you can check with Josh! Good luck :)

  5. I love the romantic colors (and the bride's shoes!)

    1. Aren't they lovely? And yes, those shoes were amaaaazing. :)