Terrarium Time

Mar 24, 2012

The day after we made our big announcement about our return to SB, it snowed a good five inches. I think Spokane is just jealous. Anyway, I decided it was time for a Spring project to bring a little color and life into the house. Terrariums are the perfect customizable project – I’ve seen them […]

{Original Photo by Jim Corwin}  It’s crazy to sit down and write another post about huge life change.  We have spent the last two years here in Spokane while Matthew has worked on completing his Master’s degree in Music. I started my own business, something that was one of the best learning experiences I’ve ever […]

Today is the first day of Spring!  And although the PNW has missed the memo, I’m celebrating the Springtime that is flourishing within my little house. (Thank you Trader Joe’s!) Some of my favorite things about Springtime: The disappearing snow Wearing peep toe heels Roasted asparagus Fresh colors Wearing dresses without tights What are some […]

Mega Shaka

Mar 19, 2012

An ode to my brother RJ – a sun soaked Patagonia man who rocks the surfboard on his lunch break and loves the shaka. See you in a week, bro!

Split Pea Soup via Heidi Swanson of 101 Cookbooks Well I’m not sure if it’s just that time of year, or because of all the crazy things that have been happening lately, but both Matthew and I have come down with a nasty virus. It’s like our systems are just totally overloaded – Matthew is […]

Mr. Sun, where are you? Apparently daffodils are blooming back where the sun lives. I hear they’re beautiful. Anyways. I have a confession. I’m quite terrible at keeping secrets. Not big ones that really matter, but little ones like birthday presents and surprises. I just get way, way too excited. (I’m pretty much Sue.) Well […]

This past weekend I was lucky enough to second shoot with Josh Newton – a wonderful friend from our Westmont days and International wedding photographer extraordinaire. Josh is one of a kind. I have never met a photographer who is more encouraging, uplifting, and supportive – and I’m completely serious here. After just one day […]

So I’m back! The island was amazing. Seeing Josh was amazing. Photographing Brittany and Riley was amazing. I’ll catch you all up on these things tomorrow. 🙂 But first I want to celebrate the best man I know – Matthew turns 27 today! Matthew, you are the best. You’re the best at being a sexy […]

15 Things

Mar 1, 2012

This year Matthew and I are following this Lenten Calendar and it’s been a really cool experience. I almost said a really enjoyable experience, but I don’t mean enjoyable as in oh-this-is-so-much-fun. I mean enjoyable in the sense that we’ve learned a lot, thought a lot, prayed a lot – and we’re only on day […]