Mango Ink

February 13, 2012
When I first came across Mango Ink, I was like wait, these people live in Spokane?

I met Heidi and Ryan at the Spokane Bridal Fest about a year ago - I was walking around checking out the other vendors and came upon their booth space. I was immediately impressed. And then thought oh dear, these people are too cool to talk to. But then we chatted and I realized I had stumbled across, perhaps, some of the nicest people ever.

One of my favorite things about their business: Mango Ink stands out in the Spokane crowd. They are cool. They are hip. They have a beautiful website. Their designs are fresh and modern.

These things are hard to come by in this area. Really hard to come by.

It wasn't until later that I found out that Ryan was a pastor of a church called Branches - and then I really fell in love with these people. Though it took us forever to finally get our act together and get to Branches, it has become the best thing about living in Spokane. WE LOVE THESE PEOPLE. We really do.

I digress - my main point is that along with starting a cool company, Heidi and Ryan are just good people. And I love supporting good people.

Along with designing wedding invites, Valentines, iPhone cases and pretty much any other cool/hip thing you can think of, they just released a new series called The Air Line - and yeah, you guessed it, I love it. Since moving to Spokane our air travel has increased two fold, and most always we end up in the SFO airport at some point in our journey. I've been looking for decor that is clean, fresh, modern - and I've found it.

The concept is great, and I relish the opportunity to support creative, wonderful people. They have a ton of major airports...I may have to get the SEA one too. Or maybe the LAX one....or both.  Go check them out!

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