Lucky in Love

February 14, 2012
My very first Valentine's Day with Matthew was the sweetest, most random experience. 

There we were, sophomores in college, poor, awkward, and still in the beginnings of being madly in love.  There was a sandwich, strawberries and chocolate pudding. There was a picnic table covered in a blanket. But there was also the crashing ocean, tropical surroundings and an amazing Santa Barbara sunset. 

It was incredible. 
Today I look at my husband and feel wholeheartedly in love.  He rocks, plain and simple. He is a be-speckled genius who woos me with his hilarity. He makes life a never ending adventure. He loves me unconditionally. And this is all the time. I'm one blessed lady.

Happy Valentine's Day MR! You make life sweet all the time. :)


  1. OH, thank you! I hope your Valentine's Day was just as fabulous. :)