An Afternoon With Makenzie

February 12, 2012
Makenzie is one of those people who just exudes beauty and grace. 

When we met at Rockwood Bakery, she ran up the steps in jeans, boots, and glamourous looking sunglasses - and looked instantly camera ready. After some coffee and a chat we started on our tour of South Hill - to the park, skyline, bakery, random roadside spots. 

I just held the camera (into the blazingly bright sun) and Makenzie did the rest. Seriously, this girl is a natural. She braved the bright cold day with not one complaint. Isn't she lovely?

Our goal was to dress things down and go for a natural, organic feel. In think she pulls it off. :)


  1. These are so ethereal and gorgeous, Jess! Helps to have a stunning model I must say too... ;)

  2. Thanks Maddie! :) I want to take some photos of you when I'm in just get ready... :)