In college my father spent a year living and learning in Paris. He was one of the original hipsters, but back then he just looked homeless. He roamed the streets of Paris with his old school camera snapping shots of street performers, nature, monuments, and an assortment of interesting people. (He also made hundreds of […]

We had variations of this breakfast all throughout our time in Eastern Europe – sometimes it would be a roll with some sort of cheese, ham, and cucumbers – other times it would be croissants, butter, tomatoes and onions. Of course we had our share of sweet things, but savory breakfasts are the best when […]

I’ve been incredibly inspired by a recent outflowing of blog posts dedicated to promoting authenticity in the bloggersphere. It is so refreshing to hear from those women  – women who you’ve followed for years, yearned for their seemingly perfect lives, felt inadaquate because your life isn’t as pretty/buttoned up/design inspired/whatever as theirs – and to hear about […]

Last night Matthew and I hit the town – Spokane style. (By that I mean it was really cold.) Ethiopian food, photos, shivery-cold walking, Aunties bookstore, Mizuna vegan carrot cake and lots of laughter. We rounded out the night by playing Words with Friends together in bed. No joke – one of the best nights […]

Lucky in Love

Feb 14, 2012

My very first Valentine’s Day with Matthew was the sweetest, most random experience.  There we were, sophomores in college, poor, awkward, and still in the beginnings of being madly in love.  There was a sandwich, strawberries and chocolate pudding. There was a picnic table covered in a blanket. But there was also the crashing ocean, tropical surroundings […]

Mango Ink

Feb 13, 2012

When I first came across Mango Ink, I was like wait, these people live in Spokane? I met Heidi and Ryan at the Spokane Bridal Fest about a year ago – I was walking around checking out the other vendors and came upon their booth space. I was immediately impressed. And then thought oh dear, […]

Makenzie is one of those people who just exudes beauty and grace.  When we met at Rockwood Bakery, she ran up the steps in jeans, boots, and glamourous looking sunglasses – and looked instantly camera ready. After some coffee and a chat we started on our tour of South Hill – to the park, skyline, […]

I don’t  know about you, but poached pears have never really appealed to me. Perhaps it’s because I’ve never had a well prepared poached pear, but the thought of soggy fruit doesn’t really do it for me. The thought of a deeply rich port sauce with lemon zest, hints of orange and mellow ginger does, unsurprisingly sound […]

Today the sun came out and it made me so happy. We woke up early and walked to the bakery for coffee and an orange almond cinnamon roll to share. When Matthew set off to be a genius music director for a few hours, I pulled on a down jacket and opened all the blinds. […]