For you, Felix

Sep 22, 2018

Dear Felix, Right now your favorite game is to crawl as fast as you can towards the refrigerator, open the door (no small feat), and climb inside. “Felix…” When you hear my voice, you turn around with that big toothy grin and laugh so hard, you temporarily stall out on your belly, catch your breath, […]

As I write this, I’m sitting in a coffee shop five minutes from my house. It’s mid-afternoon and I’m exhausted. True, my seven month old Felix is teething so no one is sleeping, but for the past month or so I’ve had a nagging suspicion that something else might be going on… It was right […]

Oh Soul

Apr 12, 2018

Just a reminder, if you need one. (P.S. Do you follow @thehandwritingclub on IG?  I love Tracy’s handwriting, and felt inspired to try it out myself.)

The Wishing Trees

Feb 16, 2018

There are two Wishing Trees in the beautiful Arlington Gardens in Pasadena, California. On their branches are handwritten wishes, some dating back almost 10 years, some written just that day. When we came upon it on our visit there over Christmas break, I was mesmerized, reading the heartfelt desires of people from all over the […]

First off – yes, I realize it’s basically mid-February. I apologize. Currently all four in our household are hunkered down with this flu that is determined to ruin people’s lives…and to-do lists are getting neglected, big time. I’m excited to hear about what you thought of The Gifts of Imperfection! We had a lovely group […]

A few weeks ago when I got my haircut, I came home and asked Matthew to take a picture of me. I wanted proof/a reminder (mostly for myself) that even in these long days of no sleep + infant care that I could still resemble a real woman. (If you have been, or are currently in […]

READING MORE BOOKS. Is one of your resolutions to read more books this year? I’ve seen it on so many Goals lists and Resolution plans for 2018, and I am right there with you. Since having two kids my line has been oh, I don’t have time to read as much as I’d like, because […]

Last summer, I was racing to a meeting downtown when I saw this armoire on the side of the road. A woman had just finished having a garage sale, and this beauty hadn’t sold so she dragged it out to the curb. I was probably 6 months pregnant at the time, and I remember quickly […]

Hey Pen, Today I saw that look again. That one that happens when you see me holding Felix, and your face crumples a little, and your eyes look a little bit sad. Today I saw you hold your feelings, as you watched me care for your little brother.  It’s okay brother, you cooed during that […]

2018 Mantra

Jan 2, 2018

….and not just when life is good.  This is especially true when life does NOT feel good. Three days into the new year and I’m steeped in major creative inspiration, goal setting, and celebrated day 3 of 2018 by falling HARD and busting both of my knees. Right now I’m sitting on the couch, immobilized […]