January 22, 2012

Winter Projects

Lately I've been in a real funk. Not sure if it's the dismal weather, the homesickness, or what, but it's been a huge funk.

The natural remedy is to spend some time soaking up the sun in a tropical locale with my sweetie, right?! No responsibilities. No drama. No snow. Ahhhhhhh....

Sadly, that won't happen until March....so I'm trying to focus my energy on some winter projects.  (Remember my perfect chairs?!)

I have started something new. And BIG. A project that is going to be a huge challenge. But it is going to rock. I've gotten started with the help of the brain trust (some very dear and talented amigos) and I'm more excited than I can say. Want a tiny little peek?

Confused? Well I'll tell you more about it.....soon. :)

What ways to you get out of a funk? Or do you live in Barbados?

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