An Unexpected Find

January 16, 2012

Friends, I've had a wonderful victory.

Have you ever had something that you've searched for, for a long time, with no luck? Like the perfect pair of boots, or the right lamp, or whatever?

Since we moved to Spokane,  my elusive white rabbit has been a pair of bamboo captain's chairs. Back in CA we found them everywhere...but up here? No one seems to know what they are.

But I've finally found some. A pair. For cheap. On Craigslist. Aka, the BEST THING EVER. Bonus: the incredibly chic seller (she's moving to NYC next month and I want to go with her) gave me a whole roll of webbing to make these chairs perfect. (You can see the monster roll in between the two chairs below!)

They are perfect. With a coat of paint, some webbing, and a couple custom made cushions - they chairs are going to be just the project to get me through the rest of our winter. You know, until June.


  1. Oh goodness...then"Kathy" in you seems to be emerging...please, oh please, no lampshades....

  2. HA! No lampshades yet...I'm still looking for good lamps! Who knows, I may need an intervention down the road. :)