Hello friends. This week has been heavy, and tonight I am counting my blessings. My heart is broken for friends, acquaintances, strangers – so many that are dealing with loss and pain this week. I can’t wrap my brain around it all. In the words of my beautiful friend Laura: let’s honor the crap out of […]

Life Happens

Nov 25, 2012

Where have I been. That is the question.  The answer is:  EVERYWHERE.  These last two weeks have been filled to the brim with new, wonderful, festive, and fun things.  I got a new job. (Bullet points: great position, great team, great organization, cute little office, gorgeous campus.) I went on a road trip. (Bullet points: Kate, […]

For the past two years we’ve had the same November Saturday morning routine: wake up, put on 5 layers, let the dog out, check snow levels, feed dog, make tea, remark about the blistering cold temps. This November it’s a bit different.  Wake up, put on 2 layers, let the dog out, feel the warm […]

Happy Weekend

Nov 9, 2012

This weekend is filled with all sorts of awesome.  Hanging with the Hoskings.  Saturday night surprise celebrations. Sunday engagements with a lovely couple.  It has been the longest week ever.  But I have some exciting news to share! Monday.  xoxo

Merci Beaucoup

Nov 4, 2012

I have been swimming in gratitude lately. I’ve been overwhelmed by my husband, friends, family, strangers, sunny days, creative jam sessions, and the general beauty that surrounds me.  My goal this month is to call more, send more letters, emails, notes – to make sure my gratitude is felt by the people that I love […]

November Tidings

Nov 1, 2012

It’s November! Yesssssssssss. We’ve just left behind my least favorite holiday (Halloween) and are closer than ever to my top two favorites – Thanksgiving and Christmas. And can I get a major HALLELUJAH that we’re not surrounded by gloom and snow?  Seriously counting my blessings this year. As we enter the official “holiday season” I am eagerly anticipating […]

I currently have in my possession a grand total of 29 freshly picked avocados.  You may be saying to yourself, well Jessica, what could you possibly do with 29 freshly picked avocados?  And true, it does seem a bit…excessive.  But what would you do if you were invited to a local avocado ranch and a […]

I’ve never really been into the idea of Class Reunions. I just envision bad scenes from tv shows or movies – the ones where there are only three things you can be – the model, the over achiever, or the socially awkward. I mean, yikes. I was glad to start the weekend off right with […]

One needle costumes. This is a very serious topic. When we were young my mother would lovingly embrace the Halloween tradition of costumes – her way. She would gather fabric of all sorts, random household supplies that weren’t in use, old clothes, you name it – and create for us homemade costumes using, yep, one […]

As a kid one of my favorite weekend activities was going to Apple Hill as a family. The day itself was fun – we’d pile into the car, head out to a few apple ranches, eat apple doughnuts, drink apple juice, see the animals – but the day after was also something special. My dad […]