The Great Pumpkin

October 24, 2011

This weekend we busted out our mad pumpkin skills - and by that, I mean MR shamed me once again. He has such incredible patience with projects like this, and he's not afraid of a challenge. Back in college he started the tradition of carving Composer Pumpkins - Bach was the first and this guy is the latest. Personally I think he looks more like Professor Quirrel, but whatever.(MR is at school at the moment, and I can't remember Mr. Turban Head's real name...but when I get the real deal I'll update.)
  MR gets to business.
 Check him out!

 I like painting more than carving so I decided to embrace the challenge of a multi-colored chevron pumpkin. It was long work, but fun. Until...

Most of the paint ended up coming off with the tape...

 I'm just calling it vintage finish. Yeah, let's go with that. 

Aside from religiously watching Hocus Pocus, carving/painting pumpkins is the only Halloween tradition we like. (Really, corny and old school, Hocus Pocus is where it's at. LOVE it.)

Do you like to carve or paint pumpkins? Or neither?

For the Salsa Queen | Tomatillo Salsa

October 17, 2011
Today is my Mama's birthday. This year she would be turning 54! Crazy to think about, really. It's been 8 years without her, and with this month being Breast Cancer Awareness month, she is especially on my mind.

I love and remember so many things about her, but one thing that stands out to me and many others was my mother's affinity for making killer good salsa. She was an amazing cook - so imaginative and creative - and she really shined when it came to recipe writing. Her salsa was her own creation, something that was never the same twice. To honor my mama, here's my own adaptation - a seriously delicious recipe for Tomatillo Salsa. If you haven't ventured far with tomatillos, you are missing out! Easy to prepare, delicious to savor. We found our basket at the farmer's market this weekend and I knew salsa was in our near future....enjoy.

adapted from Simply Recipes


Basket of Tomatillos (approx 1-2 lbs), roasted
1/2 Cup Cilantro Leaves, roughly chopped
1 Large Tomato, chopped
1/2 White Onion, diced
2 Medium Jalapenos, diced
Salt to taste

Remove husks from tomatillos. Cut into chunks and broil until lightly charred. 

Add all ingredients to food processor (or blender) and pulse until well combined. Refrigerate for a few hours to allow flavors to meld.

Serve with tortilla chips and chicken tacos.

The Roys

October 14, 2011
Awhile ago my sister in law asked me to design her some family values artwork, and today I was inspired to make something similar for Matthew and I. 

This piece is more about classic Roy things than family values per say, but I love that looking that this so wholeheartedly reminds me of us and our little family unit.

Post Update: I've had a few people inquire about custom pieces for their own families - please email me at if you are interested. :) 

Rustic Plum Tart

October 10, 2011

Pâte Brisée (I'm faithful to this recipe - I used wheat flour, so it appears a bit darker in color.)
1.5 lbs Fresh Plums, any variety
1/2 Cup Plum Jam (or another light jam - I just had a jar of plum jam on hand.)
Raw sugar, for sprinkling

Make Pâte Brisée according to recipe. Allow at least 1.5 hours for this process. 

While dough is processing, slice plums and measure out jam.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Roll dough into a large circle, 1/4 inch thick. Spread 1/4 cup of plum jam into the center.

Starting in the center, place plum slices in a large spiral until there is about 2-3 inches of crust space left. 

Drizzle the remaining jam over the top of plum slices.
Pleat sides up and over filling. Sprinkle with sugar.

Place on a rimmed baking sheet, prepped with parchment paper. Bake for approx 45 minutes or until golden brown and filling is deliciously bubbly.

Greenbluff Saturdays

October 8, 2011
All shapes, colors, and sizes.
I love them!
Art that reminded me of Maine and another mini pony.
Knapp's had sweet little goats too.
My half smile, half grimace - that pumpkin was HEAVY!
Fall raspberries...and a few blackberries.

All those raspberries....for under $4.00
A lovely Saturday spent in the crisp fall air with my sweetie. Have I mentioned how much I ADORE this time of year? :)

We See Genius

October 6, 2011
It's crazy to think that one of the greatest innovators is now gone. RIP Steve Jobs.

Image via Life as an Artistpreneur

And Birds Fluttered Around Her

October 2, 2011


Happy October!

October 1, 2011

Happy October friends! Can you believe it's here?! May your October be filled with warm drinks, wooly scarves, pumpkin doughnuts, golden colors, honey crisp apples, lots of cuddling and that not too far off sound of Christmas carols. I'm so glad fall is here!

To celebrate my favorite season, I designed a fun freebie download - right now there are two sizes, but if you need another size, just let me know! :)
To download: Just click on photo below, open to largest size and save to desktop.